Tiger Stainless Steel Sports Thermal Bottle MCZ-A

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The sports bottle that adults can use smartly.

Slant handle - Naturally fits in fingers, wearable sense

Wide mouth with strainer - Mouth that has ice stopper to drink stress-free

Light Weight - Spinning process, Tiger's original technique, makes it possible to produce the lighter bottles because the inner wall is processed as thin as possible.

Temperature Retention - Vacuum - Insulated stainless double wall realizes high heat retention and cold storage! Keep warm drinks warm, cold drinks cold, keep drinking temperatures for a long time.

Non-slip finished surface - It is easy to grab the bottle even with a wet hand because the body's surface is Non-slip finished with the powder coating that intentionally makes unevenness.

Elastomer bottom (rubber) - Bottom rubber coating that makes it difficult to damage floors


Capacity - 0.36L ; 0.48L