BrandCharger Wally Carta RFID Credit Card Holder and Cash Carrier

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Wally Carta is a card and cash carrier for the minimalists.

It is modern in its styling and combining natural materials as leather and aluminium it offers something that not many others on the market offer: RFID blocking and a luxurious feel at the same time.

This sleek wallet can hold up to 7 cards without stretching out and there’s an attached elastic band for cash or extra cards.

Features :

  • Hold up to 7 cards - Hold cards sized 85 x 55 mm: smart entry cards, public transport cards, bank card, ID cards etc.
  • RFID Blocking - Keeps your cards protected from RF readers or mobile apps capable of electronic theft
  • Card slider trigger - Simply pull the trigger and your cards will eject for an easy acces.
  • Money strap - The slimmest solution to secure your cash.

Size: 106 x 62 x 8 mm

Logo Size: 20 X 20 mm