BrandCharger Alumina Aluminium Mouse Pad

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Alumina is constructed from a single sheet of aircraft-grade aluminum, stamped flatter and smoother for an unhindered glide. At the same time, the molecular rebonding from the machining process creates a highly rigid structure for maximum durability. It is then sand-blasted for a texture that further aids tracking precision and provides a great feel under your hand as you swipe.

Features :

Alumina's entire surface has a lab-developed microscopic texture that delivers the most consistently accurate sensor readings. There are no jitters or interrupted tracking problems when using this mouse pad. Its finish was specifically chosen during extensive testing as the best for sensor reflectivity. What you get is the rapid responsiveness to meet challenges head-on and effortlessly land every mouse click.

Protective Chamfer Design - Ultra-thin material with smooth chamfer edge for superior feel and style complementing your computer, laptop and desk.

Diamond shape base - Alumina's diamond pattern rubberized base provides a firm grip, ensuring the mouse pad stays securely in place and protecting your desktop from scratches

Product size: 22 x 18 cm

Logo customization: laser engraving